Third-Party Marketing

Through our third-party marketing services, Park Lane acts as an intermediary between high net worth investors and funds of funds. Fund managers engage our team for third-party marketing so they do not have to use valuable time and resources to hire and direct an internal marketing staff. With the increased complexity of asset classes and the bevy of wealth managers available, it is becoming more and more important to have sophisticated knowledge of the markets and different investment vehicles. Fortunately, our team has the investing experience and research emphasis needed to offer reliable advisory in these areas. Our third-party marketing services include capital raising, introductions, and consulting—be it with respect to the range of options available to fund managers, the economic climate and investing trends, or the standard procedures that go along with acquiring investments and building a successful fund. We have offices in the US, Europe, and Australia, and our strong relationships and proven reputation differentiate our firm as a qualified representative.

Institutional Investor Relationships

Our professionals are desirable fund marketers thanks to a strong base of relationships with a variety of institutional investors, including:

Our team is efficient in describing a fund manager’s performance against peers and industry benchmarks. Additionally, we are adept at selling a manager’s differentiation, niche, and uniqueness to potential investors. We grasp both sides of the market—what sponsors and investors seek in a fund manager and what a manager looks for in investors.

Specialized Knowledge

In order to correctly pair investors with fund managers, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of different investment strategies and asset classes. Our team is well-versed in a diverse range of investment possibilities, such as:

As a result of our research and investing experience, we have formed relationships with mutual fund and ETF managers, alternative investment managers, SMA managers, and UMAs. Our large database of investors and financial service providers allows us to extend as many options as possible to our clients in hopes of finding a match.

Marketing Process

Our third-party marketing services are meant to ease a fund manager’s job of locating investors and handling the process of running an investment fund. Our professionals develop marketing strategies and produce materials such as brochures, product profiles, and quarterly reports. We submit and distribute the Private Placement Memorandum, arrange a road show, and meet with and identify qualified investors. Our team maintains contact with possible investors, performs due diligence, recommends terms and structure, negotiates contracts, and closes the deal. Throughout this process, we keep our clients informed of every relevant step and ensure client visibility. After investments are secured, we continue advisory to prepare for subsequent fundraising efforts and aid fund managers in building their brand. Our entire team is involved in each project, each individual bringing a diverse set of strengths and experiences. We take care of finding investors so that fund managers can focus on their mission—creating value and generating alpha.

Fund Selection

At Park Lane, we take pride in doing everything at a high standard. In the case of choosing fund managers with whom to work, our approach is no different. We are committed to a careful selection of fundraising projects, both to uphold our reputation of quality service and to enable us to focus more resources on each project. In selecting assignments, we examine a fund’s size, management structure, differentiation, stability, risk, expected return, and the team’s skill level and background. For our executives to take on a fund as a client, it is important for the fund to demonstrate relevance, consistency, and a solid vision. We conduct background checks and full investigations of managers prior to recommending them, in order to protect against legal issues and fraud. Our team makes certain that audits of the fund’s performance have been done by an independent accounting firm. We only work with managers who have contingency plans to employ in the event of unplanned circumstances or precarious market situations. Our evaluation of fund managers includes consideration of supply and demand, operations and compliance, quantitative measurements, reporting ability, and repeatable investment strategies. It is also essential to find specialized managers with niche strategies to increase the likelihood of outstanding returns in the face of changing market dynamics.