Sports Industry

The sports industry, on which Park Lane concentrates, is comprised of professional sports leagues, sports teams, high net worth investors, investing groups, and sports-based businesses. If a league seeks better long-term financial viability, we can evaluate its stability and take necessary steps such as reworking the financing terms or providing capital adequacy opinions. If a team owner is looking to sell an ownership stake or the team outright, Park Lane has proven adept at locating buyers and structuring deal terms. If an investor group wants to secure a loan to gain approval to purchase a sports team, we can facilitate the procedure. If a nutrition company hopes to get venture capital funding to increase cash for operations, our team can identify relevant investors and take care of the fine print.

Our team has built strong sports industry connections, having worked with the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS, among other leagues.  Sports-related businesses with which we have collaborated include fitness and exercise companies, motivational speaker organizations, sports apparel brands, and sports digital media companies. We have formed countless relationships with influential investors motivated to maintain a presence in the sports industry. Park Lane assists a diverse scope of clients with their most pertinent sports finance issues.