Investment Banking

Investment banking generally breaks down into two main components: advisory and corporate finance. An investment bank acts as the middleman between buyers and sellers, whether that entails bringing together two parties in the purchase of a company or finding debt or equity investors. At Park Lane, the companies we deal with are sports teams, leagues, or sports-related businesses. These entities may be buyers or sellers in a merger or acquisition, in which case we work to find an appropriate counterpart in the deal and iron out the details of the transaction. Park Lane not only represents teams, leagues, and companies, but high net worth individuals and investing groups seeking sports finance services as well. Our team has considerable experience advising the buy side and the sell side of mergers and acquisitions in the sports industry. In addition to M&A advisory, our strategic advisory business provides valuations, fairness opinions, and capital adequacy assessments. Other services we offer include consulting, research, and business development. Our clients also come to us with corporate finance needs. This aspect of investment banking most often involves raising capital—acquiring funding via bank loans, debt financing, private equity or venture capital funding, or public financing. Park Lane can source funding, structure credit terms, and devise the unique agreements often required in the world of sports.