Financial Advisory

Park Lane professionals are frequently called on for financial advisory (also referred to as strategic advisory)—evaluating the state of a league, team, sports-related business, or potential investment. A key component of gauging clients’ financial health is valuation. Our investment bankers are skilled in all methods of valuation, including market-based estimates, discounted cash flow modeling, precedent transactions, comparable companies, and multiple analysis. These techniques enable us to provide fairness opinions on selected transactions, in which we judge the credibility of the terms and conditions of a deal.  Our team also gives capital adequacy opinions to examine the solvency of a client’s capital structure and balance sheet. If a company wants to offer workers the option of owning its stock, we can structure or adjust an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Additional financial advisory services we extend are research, consulting, and business development. Park Lane’s financial advisory can help you get a better grasp on complicated sports finance matters.

Below is a summarized list of our financial advisory services: