In sports, it’s who you know.

To effectively run a sports team or sports-based business, it is critical not only to understand the nuances of the sports industry, but also to utilize strategic relationships to drive continual progress. Park Lane offers an array of consulting services to our clients in the sports industry, ranging from advisory on business development to navigating the sports landscape pre- or post-acquisition. Entering the sports world, whether as a new owner, minority investor, or start-up business, often necessitates securing relationships with key insiders in the sports world. Our professionals offer the full gamut of sports business-centered consulting services―everything from advising teams on the selection of coaches to placing CEOs into companies upon the close of a financing round. Our team is well-versed in many of the issues that sports teams and businesses face, and we have a strong network of partners, investors, and entities to help clients address them.

Park Lane’s consulting services include operational and management capabilities for start-ups, assisting companies with evaluation their product or market, and navigating through turnaround situations, among others. Our executive team features entrepreneurs-in-residence who can serve as a right-hand man to the executive team and/or sit in as a temporary CEOs or COOs.

The firm counts the following areas among its consulting specializations:


The firm’s executives pull from a wealth of business experience and industry knowledge to aid clients with strategy formation and business model development. Whether a client is managing cost-effectiveness, improving product components, forming strategic partnerships, or planning a well-timed product launch, Park Lane advisors are there every step of the way to provide introductions, direct margin improvement, and advise on market factors.


Our team features several current and former C-level executives and entrepreneurs-in-residence at top companies in the sports and media industries. As such, operational expertise and know-how are among our in-house benefits made available to clients. Our professionals can work side by side with a team or sports-based business for months at a time to streamline operational procedure or even temporarily drop in as an interim company executive in certain cases.


Oftentimes we see an outstanding business plan from a prospective client that is short on one major component of viability and valuation: distribution. Securing distribution is instrumental in inspiring investor confidence, and even disruptive products can be difficult to put into major distribution channels initially. Fortunately, Park Lane has crafted relationships with prominent distributors and retail chains across many different verticals within sports, and we offer these to clients as they strive to build a more compelling offering.

Capital Structure

In addition to varied restructuring capabilities, Park Lane is adept in consulting clients on setting a strong capital structure. If a sports-based business has outstanding debt, our team can account for that in a concurrent capital raise strategy, facilitate a writedown of the debt, or recommend other measures to ease the financial burden. Our bankers are well-versed in working through various cap table structures, stock offering classes, and convertible debt scenarios. Whether a team or company is in a precarious capital situation or simply needs to set a balanced, advantageous capital structure for long-term viability, Park Lane can help find the ideal solution.


Over decades of sports industry experience, our executives have met, come across, and worked with countless great people. One ancillary benefit of that is improving our clients’ teams and businesses by reaching out to our networks of personnel. This option is useful for growing companies conducting a capital raise and teams or businesses being acquired, restructured, or taken through turnarounds. Park Lane can suggest or introduce professionals in the following categories, among others:

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • COOs
  • Coaches
  • Front office officials
  • Sales personnel
  • Business development
  • Front- and back-end engineers
  • Digital
  • Attorneys/legal advisors


As our professionals have particularly strong backgrounds in digital and traditional media, Park Lane is a valued advisor for sports media clients. Our media/digital expertise also comes into play with growth companies looking to expand their media offerings or teams seeking to build a deeper digital presence. Our bankers can also play a lead role in creating or revitalizing social media campaigns. The firm is ideally equipped to provide advisory to TV networks, online platforms, multimedia channels, and diversified companies with a digital presence.


If a company or team is looking to license out its brand or logo as part of its revenue strategy, our executives are able to deliver sophisticated sports licensing services. As a prominent player in sports business, Park Lane understands the value of brand names in the sports industry. Our team not only will help maximize revenue in a low-cost model through sports licensing, but we will reliably assist in the protection of brands, logos, and trademarks through the process in order to ensure proper representation.