Business Valuation

Ilja Kaenzig“Before I knew about Park Lane, finding an investment bank with practical valuation knowledge in sports seemed impossible. Now that I’ve found Park Lane, they are my trusted advisor for all my complicated sports finance needs.

— Ilja Kaenzig, Managing Editor of Sports, Ringier AG

Analyzing value in the professional sports industry can be just as much art as science. Beyond EBITDA, cash flow analysis, and net income multiples, sports business valuation must incorporate several unique factors. Park Lane looks at the complete picture in providing accurate and insightful valuations to our clients—sports teams, leagues, sports-based businesses, and high net worth investors.  Our bankers are skilled in valuing entire entities or individual assets while using any and all of the accepted valuation methods, including market price estimates, discounted cash flow models, precedent transactions, comparable companies, and multiple analysis.