Industry Access

Park Lane is a refreshing alternative to conventional investment advisors. Their personality and creativity add as much to a deal as their high-level relationships and work ethic.”

— Bert Bedrosian, Minority Owner, TapouT

Through our access and relationships within the sports finance community and the sports industry, Park Lane often is the best bridge between potential buyers, sellers, business owners and investors. We understand the tradition and heritage involved in owning a sports team as well as the perseverance and patience required to build a sports-related business. However, we also recognize the evolving dynamics of the current sports market and investment community. This ability to embrace history and change at once makes us a trusted and indispensable advisor for sports investment banking.

Because of our access to investors, league executives and key players in the exclusive sports industry, we can create ownership opportunities for individuals or groups who want to realize their dreams of owning a professional sports team. We also enable teams, sports-related companies and entrepreneurs to finance, value, or sell their businesses.

Moreover, as a boutique investment bank focused on sports finance, our managing directors and principals are involved in every step of every transaction. And once a deal is closed, Park Lane is there to ensure future success in an industry that can be as steadfastly traditional as it is dynamic.