Creative Approach

“I had a great experience with Park Lane in the process of financing my online action sports network. They make intelligent connections and go beyond their responsibility as advisors. Park Lane executives are sharp, to the point, and really get behind the projects—always pushing and keeping a positive outlook.”

— Jamie Mosberg, Legendary Action Sports Film Producer, CEO, DASN

Oftentimes, sports finance clients worry that bulge bracket investment banks may lack sufficient familiarity with the sports industry to deliver customized service. At Park Lane, we pride ourselves on the depth of our sports industry knowledge and our consistent commitment to this distinct field. With the specialized nature of our business, we believe that more skill and attention can be given to our clients. Our sports investment banking principals work in conjunction with clients to identify what is needed and provide the best service available. Our team stays in constant contact with clients to keep them informed of new developments and relevant obstacles that may arise. Furthermore, we maintain relationships with clients well beyond a task’s completion to ensure productive implementation of our services and a satisfactory resolution to the issue at hand.

Our creative approach results in superior service. Our exceptional insight and fresh perspective on the world of sports are useful in tackling the peculiar details of every sports finance situation. The Park Lane team is available, affable, and able—an assertion reflected through our longstanding relationships and client feedback.